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"Who would have thought that flight AA2345 from Dallas TX would change my life forever. I had the honor of sitting next to this inspiring and motivating mentor, who I now have profound respect for. Diane Popowich,  your words and life story resonated deeply and inspired change. "

        - Charles

"I posted your Recipe for Happiness in three different spots in my house. You are so inspiring!!"

                      - Karen

" You never give up...and that's what made me never give up."


"Today a friend of mine from HS stopped by my office to say hi. What an incredible story this woman is. She hit a low point in her life in the early 90's...she was nearly destitute but instead of feeling sorry for herself, she picked herself up with help from no one by working hard, meeting people, being honest and subsequently became a sought after speaker, published author, who is not only sincere but who gives back every day to help other people. I'm rarely humbled by a former classmate but what Poppy has done is truly remarkable."

             - Chris, Highschool Classmate

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"One of the best keynote speakers around...very engaging" 

 - Jack Canfield, Best Selling author of The Secret, and Chicken Soup for the Soul series

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