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Dream it. Create it. Live it.   

LiveYourDreamLife eCourse is a tool to design a Life you Love AND Deserve. Poppy will take you through her propietary process to design your life. So many people requested that she put together an online course so they could design their life from anywhere in the world. In these uncertain times, many people are at a crossroads with their life path and it's time to Pivot, but most people need a mentor to help them do just that. We start with a blank slate and a mindset that ANYTHING is possible.  JOIN THE WAITING LIST! You'll be the first to know when Poppy's eCourse is ready, space will be limited.  

 "The VisionBody is one of the coolest things I have ever seen" 

                ~Chicken Soup for the Souls' Jack Canfield


NOTHING will happen if you don’t PARTICIPATE in your own dreams.$1 gets you preregistered and an email will be sent out with the dates of the eCourse and let you know that registration has opened (Fall/Winter 2021)  You will then be able to pay for the course and have access to the LiveYourDreamLifeCommunity. $799 for eCourse, access to videos, and session with Poppy inside the Community. 

If you really want your dreams to be jump started, The LiveYourDreamLife Kit is $199. Total cost is $998 for the class and the kit (tax,shipping and handling will be added at checkout with full registration).


Take ACTION and pre-register NOW to start the process of Designing and Living your DreamLife!


*Content contains some pre-recorded videos and chat feature*


LiveYourDreamLife: eCourse - Pre-Registration

SKU: 4444
  • After registering and paying for this course you will receive an email confirmation. You will receive an additional email with further instructions to prepare you for your first LiveYourDreamLife e-course session. You are one step closer to achieving your dreams!

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